About WineBOSS

WineBOSS was created as a low cost solution to managing wine cellar inventory.
The site features and tools allow you to completely evaluate your wine cellar:
  • Know the retail and auction value of your wines
  • Know the maturity of your wines
  • Share tasting notes and ratings of your wines with thousands of other wine lovers.

We also wanted to create a site that was easy and enjoyable to use. So if you ever have a question or a suggestion about WineBOSS, please send us an email: contact@wineboss.com.

We are happy to help you manage your wine cellar inventory. WineBOSS is part of a group of websites dedicated to individuals locating, buying, and managing their wines.
Our services include:

    WineZap: a dedicated wine search engine designed to help consumers find, price, compare, and purchase wines from
   individual retailers nationwide.

    Winecommune: an online wine auction company.

    WineZap Wine Club: a wine club that only ships known, highly rates wines at below retail prices. For every wine shipped,    many others have been reviewed by WineZap editors.