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How do I add a wine to my inventory?

There are three ways you can add a wine to your inventory. Choose whichever is most convenient for you.

Upload an Excel spreadsheet of your cellar inventory.
If your wines are saved in an Excel spreadsheet, we can automatically transfer that information to create or add to the records of your WineBOSS cellar. You need to have separate columns for the wine name, quantity, and bottle size. Other information regarding purchase details or tasting notes may be recognized, but we cannot guarantee that other details will appear in your WineBOSS account. However, we will do our absolute best to match your information with the WineBOSS cellar inventory management system. Please see the help section regarding uploading your inventory.

Email us with an Excel spreadsheet of your inventory. Make sure you either send the email from your registered email address, or include it in the text of your message. Also, if you have more than one cellar, please specify which cellar to add this inventory to. We will not replace inventory unless you specify that you want this to replace your existing inventory, and the name of the cellar you want to update. Please make sure your MS Excel spreadsheet contains the name, vintage, size, and quantity of each wine, and is attached to the email before you click send.

Add bottles using a form on the WineBOSS website.
Under the 'My Cellar' heading, click 'Add to My Wines'. First, search for the proper wine name by typing the wine producer name and then clicking 'Search'. From the list of results, click the wine you wish to add. If the name is not there, click the 'Wine Not Listed' link at the bottom of the page to type the name of the wine you are adding. On the next page, specify the quantity, bottle size, and vintage of this wine. You may then continue adding other details about this wine before saving, or save this wine to your inventory.

Please allow one business day for creating your inventory from an Excel sheet. We want the process of adding wines to your inventory to be as easy as possible for you. If your wine cellar inventory is in a different type of file, please send us an email and we may be able to accomodate creating your WineBOSS inventory from that file.

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